Choosing the Right Shipping Container for Your Custom Build-Out

One of the most important steps in building your custom container is choosing a shipping container for your base container. There are many different features and aspects of your custom build-out you that may affect your decisions.

Here are 4 things to take into consideration when choosing the right shipping container:

The Size of Your Build-Out

The first thing to take into account when selecting the container for your custom build-out is the size of container you need. This could be based on a number of factors, such as the space the container will be located in or the custom function you want it to serve.


  • 20 ft container
  • 40 ft container
  • 40 ft high cube (9’6″) container

Electrical Needs of Your Container

Another important factor to consider is the electrical needs of your container. We can add electrical wiring to almost any container. However, if you need an insulated or climate controlled container, you may want to choose a container with refrigeration capabilities already installed.


The Importance of the Exterior

Do you need a container with a flawless exterior or can it have a few dents and scrapes? The answer to this question may mean the difference between needing a new or used container. And if the exterior really doesn’t matter to your build-out, you may be able to save more on an ugly duckling container!


The Budget for the Build-Out

Your budget and the cost of the rest of your build-out may also be deciding factors in the shipping container you choose.

You have a lot of options when choosing the shipping container for your custom build-out. Not sure what your best choice is? We’re here to help you with every aspect of your custom container, including choosing the right base container! Call us to learn more or Request a Quote to get started today.

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