Get Your Container Doors Working Like New in 4 Steps

After owning your storage container for a few years, you might find the doors getting hard to open and close. In many cases, some WD-40, grease and maybe a little Armor All can get them back to working like the day you bought your container.

Use this drawing to identify the various components on your container door and follow the instruction below to get your container doors working like new!

1. Lubricate

Liberally lubricate the locking bar brackets, door hinges and locking bar guides with WD-40 or any lubricant of your choice. Work the door handles back and forth to free up the locking rods.


2. Grease

Next apply a generous amount of grease onto the locking bar cams that are welded onto the container. You’ll find these underneath the locking bar cam retainers.

3. Test

Try opening and closing the doors a few times. They should be working a lot better for you! If you’re still feeling some resistance at this point, move on to step 4.

4. Armor All (If Necessary!)

If you’ve tested your doors and they’re still not operating well, another thing that may help is to spray the gaskets down with Armor All. This makes the gaskets “slick” and sometimes is a big help in making the doors open and close a little easier for you!

We hope this tutorial helps get your doors working the way you need them to. Feel free to contact us any time with questions about your existing container or any other container needs you may have!

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