The KilnTainer: an Alternative Wood Drying Kiln

Is it the KilnTainer, the LumberLiquidatorTainer or the DehumidiTainer? Call it what you will, it was another fun and unique project! For this project, we modified a used refrigerated container to provide our client with an affordable solution for their wood drying needs.

What is a Wood Drying Kiln?

Wood drying kilns are used to control the drying process of wood to avoid defects that may occur when wood is dried unevenly. Most wood drying kilns are similarly built, including a large insulated chamber or room with humidity, temperature and airflow control. Drying wood brings down the moisture content and converts it into usable woodworking material.

How We Modified the KilnTainer

This lumber drying system was purchased through Nyle Company out of Brewer, Maine. It required a very well insulated container to work as the chamber of the kiln. The container also needed to be as airtight as possible to allow for complete control of the environment around the wood as it dries.

We started with a used refrigerated container, which is both insulated and airtight. We then painted all the seams in the container with mastic sealant to add to its airtight quality. During the second step, we installed the dry system manufactured by Nyle Systems, a plug-n-play installation which includes:

  • Temperature control
  • Dehumidification system
  • Condensation drains
  • Controller sensors

Once all these features were added, the KilnTainer – or LumberLiquidatorTainer – was ready to go!

We love designing alternative, affordable solutions for our clients and always enjoy the new challenges each custom container brings. Do you have a unique application in which a shipping container¬†could offer an economical solution for your needs? Give us a call! We’re more than happy to discuss how we can help bring your ideas to life.

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