Shipping Container Winter Storage Options

Winter storage is critical for many businesses and farming operations. Unfortunately, many storage options are expensive and timely. A shipping container is a fantastic solution for storage, and winter storage is no exception.

Here are a few shipping container winter storage options.


Insulation makes a big difference in winter storage, especially if what you need to store is sensitive to temperature. You can purchase a used refrigerated container, also known as a reefer container, which will already have some insulation.

If your insulation needs are more particular, we can also create a custom container with insulation and temperature control!

Custom Shelving

Need storage, but don’t want to pile everything on the floor of the container? Custom shelving is an easy and affordable way to design the exact storage solution you need!

Livestock Pens

Sometimes the extra storage you need isn’t just for inanimate objects. Many farmers face a shortage of space to shelter their animals in the winter. We’ve found that shipping containers are the perfect solution to this need! Check out our CalfTainer to learn more.

Get the Winter Storage You Need

If you need extra space for storage in the winter – or any time of year – a new or used shipping container is your best bet. Our team is well-versed in creating custom options for all our containers and can design you the winter storage you need!

Request a quote or give us a call today to learn more about how we can be your storage solution this winter.

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